Quality Assurance

What is SAGA’s Quality Assurance Management System (QAMS)?

It is a structured, documented, program for identifying and managing environmental risks when using chemicals. It is designed to meet requirements of the South Australian EPA’s Guidelines for Responsible Pesticide Use and Guidelines for Commercial Spray Operators

It was developed with support from Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges NRM Board, SA Murray Darling Basin NRM Board, and the SA Environmental Protection Authority. The program is delivered for SAGA by Smith & Georg, a training company with extensive experience in chemical management, and environmental and WHS management systems.

Who is it for?

It is intended specifically for licensed commercial spray contractors of all sizes and types. It is also useful for all businesses that use chemicals to control weeds, pests, diseases and plant disorders.

Why should I implement QAMS in my business?

  • Increase your access to government contracts. Many Government agencies have pre-selection processes that require evidence of a QA system.
  • Open the door to corporate contracts. Private companies are also more receptive to dealing with businesses that have QA management systems.
  • Easier access to insurance with more options and at a sensible price.
  • If you spray for primary producers, you can match the requirements of their QA programs.
  • An approved process for managing the risks of damage caused by chemicals to your employees, clients, the public, property and the environment.
  • A continuous improvement process for your business.

What do I get with a QAMS Program?

  • Template documentation, in both hard and electronic versions, that you can use in your own business.
  • Professional help to customize the template documentation to meet the particular needs of your business.
  • There is an optional, external third-party audit once your QAMS is up and running, to establish your industry accreditation. This will incur an extra cost. If you successfully complete the audit, you will be awarded an accreditation certificate.

How can I implement the QAMS in my business?

Contact Smith & Georg on 08 8389 1856 or 1800 991 985 to discuss whether the QAMS will suit your needs.

If you proceed, they will send you the template documentation and a comprehensive guide to customising the documentation and implementing the QAMS in your business. You will work through this material and develop your own QAMS. Staff from Smith & Georg will be available to provide help where necessary, via phone and email. When you have completed your own QAMS, you have the option of engaging an external auditor to audit your system.

What will it cost?

The template QAMS documentation and Guidelines, plus mentoring from Smith & Georg, will cost $990 (GST-incl) per business. A visit from a mentor to your premises can be arranged at extra cost.

The external third-party audit typically costs around $600-$800 extra.